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Is real estate photography really that important?

Blog by Dan McArthur | February 14th, 2017

Having a good Real Estate photographer can make the difference between your home getting a ton of interest and showings to getting virtually none at all.

Most people are looking at homes online these days before they request to see a home in person. That means if you’re listing your home for sale you are competing against other listings online for the attention of buyers.

You may have a nicer home than the house down the street, you may even be priced more competitively however if your digital marketing package doesn’t stand out you won’t get the optimal amount of attention from the market to sell your home for the highest price in the least amount of time.

Professional photographers have incredibly high-end camera bodies, camera lenses and lighting equipment that is optimized for real estate photography.  They are trained in how to best expose photos and light spaces to achieve the best results; photographers are invaluable part of a cohesive marketing package for any property.

I showed a home the other day that had fantastic photos taken and a great marketing package. The home itself was nothing special; in fact it was kind of a dump! But online it looked great.  When I got there I noticed a fat stack of business cards on the table, there literally must have been 50 cards that other Realtors had left as an indication to the listing agent that they had shown the home.  The home sold two days later in a multiple offer situation.  The final price was $1500 over list price.

Why? Because it got enough exposure to the market to generate enough interest to achieve the best results possible!

Good photos coupled with a great marketing package can make the difference between a home not selling- to selling for over list price.

This is even more true in the Fraser Valley for single-family homes. A lot of the interest in this subset of the market is coming from Vancouver folks looking for more bang for their Real Estate buck.  These guys will look at tons of listings online before they decide which homes they would like to see in person. 

If your home doesn’t stand out online they won’t book a showing, if they don’t book a showing they aren’t going to buy you home!

Just my thoughts, any questions or comments give me a call, always happy to talk Real Estate!